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Board of Trustees

The CPMT is governed by a Board of Trustees, elected by the membership. The trustees elect a president and a secretary/treasurer. Other councils may be added as circumstances warrant to offer their guidance to the Board of Trustees.

CPMT Bylaws (pdf)

Board of Trustees


Term Expires


Tom Pfingstler

Atlas Pressed Metals

Past President

Bud Jones

Symmco, Inc.

James P. Adams

Brad Morningstar MPP 2022
Blaine Stebick Phoenix Sintered Metals LLC 2022
Steve Wendel Catalus Corporation 2022
Roland Warzel North American Höganäs, Co 2022
George Coppens Means Industries 2023
Brian Dalisay Burgess Norton Mfg. 2023
Kylan McQuaig Hoeganaes Corporation 2023
Guillen Vachon Rio Tinto Metal Powders 2023
Rob Beimel JIT Tooling 2024
Ryan Gebauer FMS Corporation 2024
Mark Saline Gasbarre Thermal Processing Systems 2024
Michael Kirk Nichols Portland 2024


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