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Funding Objectives

CPMT funding may be used to support generic fundamental powder metallurgy (PM) research in any appropriate institution including corporations possessing specialized facilities and personnel, providing results of such effort will be non-proprietary and will benefit the PM industry as a whole.

Funds may also be used to support increased interest in PM as a materials engineering discipline. This could take the form of non-restrictive grants and/or the provision of instructional aids, specialized laboratory equipment, or the establishment of a professional academic chair. The latter would serve to enhance faculty involvement in powder metallurgy, which is generally considered to be the first essential step in increasing PM career interest among students.

How Is Our Funding Used

The role of CPMT is to serve as a mechanism for obtaining and directing funds for PM research.

Funds will be distributed to those institutions and entities capable of conducting programs in powder metallurgy as well as meeting the industry's increasing need for scientifically trained personnel. Financial aid to students specializing in powder metallurgy play an important part in this area.

Sources of funding include the private sector as well as government agencies. Here, CPMT funding might be used for "seed funding" purposes involving cooperative programs with government agencies or consortia of corporations. In all instances, however, the results of such funding will be for the benefit of the PM industry as a whole.

Research results or any other benefits of CPMT-funded programs will be distributed to members of CPMT on a timely basis.

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