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2018 CPMT Winning Students

CPMT/Axel Madsen Conference Grants

Axel Madsen was well-known in the PM industry as a successful entrepreneur. He co-founded Allied Sinterings, Inc., Danbury, CT, in 1959. The company actually began in a converted diner with four employees and went on to develop a successful niche business producing high-precision, small, and intricate PM parts. Madsen was a creative toolmaker and an expert on high-precision PM parts. He was active in the Powder Metallurgy Parts Association (PMPA) of MPIF and served as a director.

The Axel Madsen Conference Grant Program was established by his family to encourage students to learn more about PM technology and pursue careers in the PM industry. Annually, four students receive full registration to the annual conference and a stipend for travel and lodging.

Grant Criteria & Requirements
  1. Student must be a candidate for a Master's degree or below and involved in studies relating to the field of powder metallurgy.
  2. Prior grant recipients are ineligible to be considered again.
Submission Requirements
  1. Application form completed by the nominating professor.
  2. Biographical outline, curriculum vitae, or resume of the candidate.
  3. Letter from the nominator explaining why this student should be considered. Include student's areas of interest and extent of formal study in PM.
  4. Letter from the student explaining why he/she would like to attend and why they should receive the grant.
Requirements of Axel Madsen Grant Recipients
  1. Before the conference, the student must prepare a poster presentation of a project in the field of powder metallurgy. The poster will be displayed at the conference and the student must be available to discuss the subject of his/her work during the designated time period. Additionally, the student will be assigned a 10-minute timeslot to present a synopsis of his/her poster.
  2. After the conference, the student must prepare a detailed report of the conference to be published in the International Journal of Powder Metallurgy. Report must be submitted within one month of the conclusion of the conference.
  3. Students will be introduced and recognized at the Industry Luncheon during the conference.

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