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Axel Madsen Conference Grant Recipients

2023 Recipients

Mr. Andrew Gillespie - Indiana University, Purdue University Indianapolis
Mr. Daniel Popovich - Ohio State University
Mr. Cole Bressler - Penn State, DuBois
Mr. Daniel Juhasz - University of Waterloo

2022 Recipients

Scot Coble — Pennsylvania State University, DuBois
Dakota Stormer — Pennsylvania State University, DuBois
Austin Fairman — Pennsylvania State University, DuBois
Gabrielle Laramée — Université Laval

2021 Recipients

Dustin T. Hickman—Iowa State University
Nicolette P Brossard—Pennsylvania State University, DuBois
Jacob P. Feldbauer—Pennsylvania State University, DuBois
William Chaîné —Université Laval

2020 Recipients

Maher Alghalayini—Clemson University
Revati Kishor Ambekar—College of Engineering Pune (India)
Conner Spence—Dalhousie University (Canada)
Ali Asgarian—University of Toronto (Canada) l

Note: WorldPM2020 was cancelled due to the global pandemic.

2019 Recipients

William Bouchard—Laval University
Nichlas Gosse—Dalhousie University
Ryan Ley—Dalhousie University
Maude Tremblay—Laval University

2018 Recipients

James Adye—Dalhousie University
Katrina Johnston—Drexel University
Adam Mihalko—Gannon University
Justin Plante—Laval University

2017 Recipients

Katherine A. Acord—University of California, Irvine
Bryce D. Christensen—Dalhousie University
Jean Nicolas Rousseau—Laval University
Louis Simoneau —Laval University

2016 Recipients

Félix Bélanger—Université Laval
Jack Edgerton—Lehigh University
Evan Hatfield—Penn State Dubois
Harish Irrinki—University of Louisville

2015 Recipients

François Audet—Université Laval
Stephanie Choquette—Ames Laboratory
Hyrum Lefler—University of Utah
Ryan T. Slack—Penn State DuBois

2014 Recipients

Nicholas Carrier—The Pennylvania State University—DuBois
Imdoo Jung—Pohang University of Science & Technology
Yan-Chun Liu—Drexel University
Tyler J. Slinger—Iowa State University
Greg Sweet—Dalhousie University
Lu Yang—University of Utah

2013 Recipients

Rodney Clayton—Missouri University of Science & Technology
Simon Gélinas—Laval University
Renee Martin—Oregon State University
William Tett—The Pennsylvania State University—DuBois

2012 Recipients

Matthew J. Chott—Missouri University of Science & Technology
Alicia Kriete—Drexel University
Neal Hardin—University of Utah
Robert Powell—The Pennsylvania State University—DuBois
Alexander L. Spicher—Iowa State University

2011 Recipients

Dustin Ashford—University of California, Davis
Li Li— The Pennsylvania State University
Brian Sparber—Drexel University

2010 Recipients

Mathew Harding—Dalhousie University
Michael Lefler—University of Utah
John l. Meyer—Iowa State University
Steven R. Spurgeon—Drexel University

2009 Recipients

Alexandre Bois-Brochu—Université Laval
Andrew Chan—Drexel University
Jennifer Walters—Arizona State University
Gregory A. Vetterick—Iowa State University

2008 Recipients

Mathieu Boisvert—École Polytechnique de Montréal
Nathaniel Oster—Iowa State University
James B. Martz— The Pennsylvania State University, DuBois
Erik Byrne— The Pennsylvania State University

2007 Recipients

Philippe Lapointe—Université Laval
Casey McClimon—Arizona State University
Don Sampson—The Pennsylvania State University
Michael Sexton—Drexel University

2006 Recipients

Jeff Hohlfeldt—Bradley University
Nicholas Anthony Maiorino—Lehigh University
Joel Rieken—Iowa State University
Bernard Tougas—Université Laval

2005 Recipients

Adam Benish—Illinois Institute of Technology
Brady G. Butler—University of Utah
Andrew Marx—Drexel University
Daniel J. Raiser—Lehigh University

2004 Recipients

David P. Harding—University of Utah
Corey Hennessey—Dalhousie University
George Piotrowski—Arizona State University
Etienne Robert-Perron—Université Laval

2003 Recipients

Panya Kansuwan—Lehigh University
Jing Zhang—Drexel University
Ravi Bollina— The Pennsylvania State University
Diana Lados—Worcester Polytechnic Institute

2002 Recipients

Maciej Sulowski—University of Mining and Metallurgy, Cracow, Poland
Fei Tang—Iowa State University
John Shingledecker—Michigan Technological University
Debby Blaine—The Pennsylvania State University

2001 Recipients

Xin Deng—The University of Alabama at Birmingham
Alexander R. Bandar—Lehigh University—Institute for Metal Forming
Pavan Suri—The Pennsylvania State University
Deepak Saha—Worcester Polytechnic Institute

2000 Recipients

Jessica J. Fuhrer—Drexel University
Xiaoping Xu—The Pennsylvania State University
Edward Gaboriault—Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Fei Tang—Ames Laboratory–Iowa State University

1999 Recipients

Suradej "Kai" Lorcharoensery—Lehigh University
Javaid Iqbal Qazi—University of Idaho
Yang Liu—The Pennsylvania State University
Alan Sago—University of Missouri–Rolla

1998 Recipients

Anish Upadhyaya—The Pennsylvania State University
Yi Li—Drexel University
D. Paul Bishop—Dalhouse University (Dal Tech)
Joel Flumerfelt—Iowa State University

1997 Recipients

Carl Blais—Ecole Polytechnique Montreal
Jason Ting—Iowa State University
Evangelos Tzimas—Drexel University
Tirumani Shivashankar—The Pennsylvania State University

1996 Recipients

Stephen J. Rock—Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Debkumar Mukhopadhyay—University of Idaho
Anthony Griffo—The Pennsylvania State University
Dmitri A. Bohn—Drexel University

1995 Recipients

Parag Bhargava—University of Alabama–Birmingham
Rajiv Tandon— The Pennsylvania State University
Rong Zhang—Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Paul Prichard—Iowa State University

1994 Recipients

Shivanand Majagi—Drexel University
Jeffrey Horn—University of Alabama–Birmingham

1993 Recipients

Nicholas D. Sopchak—Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Timothy A. Parker—Drexel University
John Lee Johnson— The Pennsylvania State University

1992 Recipient

Yoxiong Liu—University of Alabama at Birmingham

1991 Recipient

Stephen J. Mashl—Michigan Technological University
Atul N. Patel—Illinois Institute of Technology

1990 Recipient

Daniel R. Bankovic—Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
John F. Sweet—Drexel University
Daniel J. Schaeffer—Drexel University

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