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15 Jul 2020 Webinar Series - Tutorial - Powder Handling for Safety and Quality 7/15/2020 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM
This tutorial will provide basic information and guidance on the use of powders, including safety, handling and storage to maximize the quality of the powders and subsequent performance of the consolidated parts. The information presented and discussed is not regularly found in technical presentations. 
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22 Jul 2020 Webinar Series - A Look at Ferrous PM Alloying Using Metallography 7/22/2020 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM
Powder metallurgy (PM) parts are used successfully in a variety of applications, where the diversity in property requirements is satisfied through the use of a large selection of alloy compositions and many innovative manufacturing techniques.  Creating these alloy compositions in the powder volume is accomplished using several methods.  Each method takes advantage of the available particle surfaces and the internal grain structure for diffusion of specific alloying elements into the part volume.  Alloying elements are introduced to the larger, base ferrous particles in several ways and their behavior during sintering is followed in this presentation using several metallographic approaches.
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5 Aug 2020 Webinar Series - FEA Modeling and Simulation - Challenges and Opportunities 8/5/2020 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM

During this webinar, the speakers will discuss the challenges that FEA modelers may face when modeling PM components.   A comparative analysis of elastic (linear) and elastic-plastic (nonlinear) material properties of PM materials will be presented along with possible methodologies to improve predicted stress results that are a closer match to actual test results. 

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9 Aug 2020 Basic Powder Metallurgy Short Course - VIRTUAL On-Demand Event 8/9/2020 - 8/14/2020
VIRTUAL OnDemand Event

The Basic Powder Metallurgy (PM) Short Course is the powder metallurgy industry's longest running course—celebrating its 55th anniversary in 2019. If you or your company's employees are new to the PM industry, this is the course for you.
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26 Aug 2020 Webinar Series - Economic Indicators: Focus on Powders and Other Raw Materials 8/26/2020 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM

This webinar provides a deeper understanding of the powder shipments slides and the import and export slides for metal powders and intermediate raw materials.   It will also discuss sources of data and their relevant websites, as well as, explore options for how to obtain more details on shipments, country pricing, country unit price by district, HTS codes, shipments by NAICS codes, state of destination and combining data for further analysis. 

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In response to the rapidly changing global climate, MPIF has launched an on-going webinar series for 2020 and beyond. The majority of our webinars are focused towards MPIF members and our various associations. 

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