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PM Flashback

Volume 12, No. 9, November-December 1983

Rosenquest Elected MPIF President
Ross Holmes Named MPPA President
Ringsdorff Acquires West Berin Fabricator
QMP Enters Spherical Powder Business
P/M Injection Molding on Upswing
Merisinter Signs Technical Assistance Agreement
Better Days Ahead
P/M on the Leading Edge of Technological Change 
Hoeganaes Signs Labor Contract 
Powder Boronizing Process
Hennepin Continues Successful Teaching Effort
Midwest Sintered Products Expands
University of Alabama Studies Powder Size Distribution Effects
Carbon City Changes Name to Prometech
Gorham Undertakes Superalloy Study
Name Change for SermeTel
AMAX to Buy Amorphous Powders from Allied
Alloy Technology International to Distribute Rolling Mill Guidance System 
GCA Appoints Representative
New TiCoat Wearsurfacing Alloy
Union Process Named North American Distributor for British Firm
IMT Appoints Sales Rep Firms
MPIF Begins Successful P/M Deign Clinic Series 
Bernens Named President of Refractory Metals Association
1984 P/M Design Competition Opened
People in the News

Engineers Print Wearable Sensors Directly on Skin

Wearable sensors are evolving from watches and electrodes to bendable devices that provide far more precise biometric measurements and comfort for users. Now, an international team of researchers has taken the evolution one step further by printing sensors directly on human skin without the use of heat.  

Cobra’s King Tour Irons get the Metal Injection Molding Treatment

Nearly two years ago at the PGA Merchandise Show, Cobra shook up the wedge manufacturing process when it pulled the curtain back on a design that was unlike anything the industry had seen. Using a mixture of 304 stainless steel metal powder, Cobra designers were able to create an entire wedge product using a metal injection molding process typically reserved for finely-shaped weights that needed to fit inside confined spaces. (Think tungsten weights crammed inside a hollow-cavity iron product.)

PM Flashback

No. 278 September/October 1971


Easton and Fina Phasing Out Powder Operations 
Olivetti Grants License to Dixon 
Tungsten Carbides Produced by Hot Isostatic Compacting Process 
INCO Supports P/M Research Grant 
Improved Brass Powders from Gould 
Ontario Research Foundation Offers Microscopy Service 
Battelle Begins P/M Forging Research Program 
Industry and Army Cooperate on Tutorial Seminar 
'72 P/M Part-of-the-Year Competition Opened by MPIF 
MPIF Presidents Gather at Annual Conference 
Fall P/M Short Course
Westec '72 Includes Air Force Metalworking Conference 
Exchange Students 
Metal Powders, Inc. Appoints Sales Manager and Representative 
Eloff Leaves Ford to Join Gleason
Dillon Names Walmet Eastern Sales Manager
Ford Named ASM Western Manager
APMI Local Section Meeting Schedules and Officers
P/M Part of the Month


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