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PM Flashback

Volume 1, No. 7 - September 1972


Fire and Market Conditions Force Closing of Domtar Ridgway Plant 
Alcoa Buys APM From Barden
NCR Forms New Division -Seeks Outside Work
Monroe Expands P/M In-Plant Manufacturing
Valley Met Closes Essex Plant
Particulate Materials Patent Granted
Allis Tool Acquires Sonic Sifter Business from AlIen-Bradley
Patent Awarded for Carbide Material with Special High-Temperature Properties
Sintering Time Available
MPIF/APMI Officials Meet
APMI Launches Incentive Membership Campaign
New Employment Service for APMl'ers
P/M ’73 Exhibition
Canadian P/M '73 Sub-Committee Appointments
MPIF Fall Management Conference Program
P/M Journal Offers Special Advertising Opportunities
SME Powder Compacting Conference On November 14-15
People in the News
APMI Section News
P/M Part-of-the-Month

2022 Howard I. Sanderow Outstanding Technical Paper Award

The 2022 Howard I. Sanderow Outstanding Technical Paper Award has been selected, and this year's winning paper is "Joining of Two-Piece Aluminum Metal Matrix Composite (Al-MMC) Transmission Carrier via Friction Stir Welding” by Logan Smith and Ian Donaldson, GKN Sinter Metals. The paper was selected from among the highly qualified manuscripts that were presented at the PowderMet2022 conference in Portland and critically evaluated for the prestigious award.

Researchers Use Neutron Scattering to Measure Internal Strain in Metal AM Parts

Comparison of the simulation results to the neutron imaging experimental data performed by the researchers (Courtesy Tremsin, AS; Gao, Y; Makinde, A; Bilheux, HZ; Bilheux, JC; An, K; Shinohara, T; and Oikawa, K, ‘Monitoring residual strain relaxation and preferred grain orientation of additively manufactured Inconel 625 by in-situ neutron imaging’)

Researchers from Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), Oak Ridge, Tennessee, University of California, Berkeley; General Electric Global Research Center, Niskayuna, New York; and Japan Atomic Energy Agency, Ibaraki, Japan, have released a paper studying neutron scattering to measure internal strain in additively manufactured samples before, during and after annealing. Controlling residual strain in metal parts manufactured via Laser Beam Powder Bed Fusion (PBF-LB) helps prevent cracks and failures. The research was published as ‘Monitoring residual strain relaxation and preferred grain orientation of additively manufactured Inconel 625 by in-situ neutron imaging’ in the journal Additive Manufacturing.

Carney Flowmeter Funnel Calibration Powder Now Available

The MPIF/MPPA Standards Committee approved MPIF Standard 75 - Determination of Flow Rate of Metal Powders Using the Carney Flowmeter Funnel (available from MPIF in the 2022 edition of Standard Test Methods for Metal Powders and Powder Metallurgy Products), a new test method standard for measuring the flow rate of non-free-flowing metal powders using the Carney flowmeter funnel. To date, no Carney funnels have been calibrated for testing flow rate—they have only been supplied for testing the apparent density of non-free flowing metal powders. The committee has recently approved a standard calibration powder to be used to calibrate Carney funnels.

3D Printed Fuel Nozzles Increase Fuel Economy 15% for Delta and Qatar

LEAP 1-B engine, courtesy of CFM International.

GE Aerospace has announced revenue rose by 27% in Q2 2022 thanks to new additive manufactured (AM) fuel nozzle-enabled engine sales. The revenue boost is thanks to its sale of over 200 CFM International LEAP-1B engines to major clients Delta Air Lines and Qatar Airways. The engines feature AM fuel nozzles that are 15% more fuel efficient than CFM56 alternatives. As part of the July 2022 agreement, the engines will soon be fitted to the customers’ fleets of Boeing 737-10 aircraft, allowing them to be more sustainable and reduce fuel consumption.


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