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Indian Scientists Develop Self-Disinfecting, Biodegradable Masks

To battle the highly transmissible Omicron variant, a self-disinfecting copper-based nanoparticle-coated antiviral face mask was developed by Indian scientists from Bengaluru. The mask, which is biodegradable, highly breathable and washable, is said to exhibit high performance against the Covid-19 virus as well as several other viral and bacterial infections.

Metal AM Chest Implant Saves Cancer Patient’s Life

An additive manufactured (AM) titanium implant was used to reconstruct a cancer patient’s entire chest bone and ribs by a hospital in India. The reconstructive sternum and ribs surgery assured the patient would not be dependent on medical ventilation for the rest of his life. 

Additive Manufacturing Included in White House’s Updated List of Critical and Emerging Technologies

The White House has included additive manufacturing within its updated list of critical and emerging technologies that are important to US national security. The document builds upon the White House’s October 2020 National Strategy for Critical and Emerging Technologies released by then President Donald Trump, and will inform a forthcoming strategy on US technological competitiveness and national security, in addition to potentially informing future efforts to prioritize the technologies named.


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